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Ford Transit Custom 2018

A quick look at what has changed in the new Ford Transit Custom 2018 van


Transporting two Japanse motorbikes gave us the perfect chance to test the new Chinese-built LDV V80 van from SAIC.



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  • Volkswagen Caddy 2015
    I won't rock the boat, I like to think of myself as Mr Reliable. You can put all your money on me. Golf is a huge part of my life.
  • Used to carry a bit of weight. Versatile. I have one key hidden advantage with a spring in my step. Like the three bears, you'll find me just right.
  • I want to prove to you that I can be just as good as my name suggests. I am quality. I am durable. I am reliable. Give me a chance and let me prove it...
  • I have a certain appeal you didn't realise you truly valued. Others may look nice, but I'm the one you really wanted.
  • I'm an identical twin, people know me as the big one. You won't believe how much I can carry - hoping to become an Olympic-level weight lifter.
  • You'd never expect it, but secretlty we really like to get dirty occasionally. It's always the quiet ones that surprise you most.
  • Mia U
    An electric little number with distinctive looks. Probably one you won't want to take home to your mother. Looking for someone special. Singles only.
  • Renault Master
    Trying to be innovative to get your attention. Successful on the European stage, now more attractive to a UK audience. Can hide a lot below the surface.
  • Fiat Ducato
    Strong and silent type, I won't make too much of a fuss. I'll get the job done and keep you happy, while holding back the best of me from everyone else.
  • I turn heads and everyone can't help but look. I'm sporty-looking, but I promise I won't take things too fast.
  • I come from a noble family with a great reputation, but I'm somewhat of a misfit. Don't judge me by what you've heard. A lot has changed about me.
  • I'm a power professional that would relish a family environment as much as a being a lone wolf in the woods.
  • Good things come in small packages, so that must make me the best. We'll have fun together if you don't laugh at my name.
  • Overly familiar and a firm favourite with everyone. Now hit maturity. Don't put me out to pasture just yet.
  • Arctic van test 2015
    Looking for new extreme challenges. Loves the very cold weather. Thinks a reindeer would make the perfect house pet.
  • Title text
    If you can't be first, just be better - and I am the best. My company is electric and I won't charge you for it either.
  • No yoga for me, I'm agile enough without it. Always well connected. I like to copy my closest friends, but am all the better because of it.
  • Fiat Fullback
    My name suggests I'm Italian, but you'll find I'm as reliable as they come. I won't pull any heavy weights but I'm up for everything else.
  • Third generation Italian aristocracy. All my investments have paid off and you can't help but like the new me. Split personality issues.
  • Toyota Hilux 2016
    Everyone knows me as the tough guy, but I've become softer and more relaxed recently. I'm still tough though. Really tough. Tougher than before in fact.
  • Dacia Duster
    Maths lover looking for financially savvy match. Originally from Romania but looking to travel across Europe. Cheap date.
  • Forward thinking. Loves to experiment with new things and push boundaries. Prefers small gatherings of people and living in the city.
  • Likes to talk, with multiple surprising personalities. Well proportioned, with a constant awkward smile on show.
  • Modern and stylish but tried and tested underneath. Family orientated and looking to create a dynasty. As good on the inside as on the out.
  • DFSK Loadhopper
    Loud and unsophisticated. Enjoys being in on the joke, but rarely is. Lacks charm and occasionally scary. A bit of a copycat.
  • Big is beautiful, but I'll be any size you want me to be. I may take a while to get going but I'm not built for speed.
  • Vauxhall Corsavan
    You'll probably mistake me for something I'm not, but I don't care. Just remember I'm one of the popular people.
  • Volkswagen Crafter
    I sound familiar, but you won't have met me before. I'm totally fresh and a maverick. But I hope you'll find me interesting and reliable.
  • Quiet and businesslike. I also like to regularly keep on top of my appearance. In many ways I'm an ideal partner.
  • I don't know my limits and want to prove everyone wrong. A smooth operator. I start the day on nearly on empty but treat me right and I'll always finish.
  • Some call me ugly, I make a bad first impression. Likes to cause controversy - I've always been better than everyone else. Call me Daddy.
  • 4x4 vans
    A bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Price conscious and sensitive. Looking for accountant-types to discuss Benefit In Kind and personal taxation.
  • I'm like the Royal Family. Outwardly British with German relatives. Really though, I'm proper working class with British Bulldog and St George's Cross tattoos.
  • Peugeot Expert
    I like to think I'm an expert at what I do. The truth is I've been off my game recently but I'm now ready for a new challenge and to take the world on.
  • Mercedes-Benz Vito
    Awkward Middle Child, harbouring some resentment towards bigger brother. Getting used to being second best amongst family and friends.
  • I will send chills down your spine when you realise how cold my heart is. I used to be noisy, but I've quietened down now.
  • I shouldn't be underestimated. I want to prove to you I'm better than all of the others.
  • Completely crazy, a real niche interest. Hoping to leave you with wild hair and wet trousers. Not willing to travel far.
  • Ssangyong Rexton
    Generous, so don't call me cheap. Looking to fill an empty space in my heart that was once big enough for a family.
  • Looking for a trendy twenty-something. Trying to prove I look good for my age. Smart and well turned out, even at 30.
  • Two's company and three's a crowd, and what a crowd we are. We are the best you'll find on the market. You'll happily live a life of luxury with any one of us. That is, if you can afford us....
  • Mercedes Sprinter
    Experienced in safety. Considered a bit of a perfectionist and unwilling to change. Likes to make the first move and the finer things in life.
  • Ford Transit Cutom
    My family sent me out in to the world at an early age to bring them success. I want to be with an executive, but really I'll be comfortable with anyone.
  • I'm the real deal. I'm macho. I'm tough. I'm the prime cut. Pay the price and get the best. I'm worth it.
  • Angular good-looks with a chiseled and destinctive rear. Often a bit stressed. You'll find me adequate without ever being exciting.
  • I'm loud, noisy and a whole load of fun. I've certainly got the power.
  • I've made big improvements and am a much cleaner than I used to be. My favourite song is Snap - I've Got The Power, because it's all about me.
  • Mercedes Vito
    I used to be quirky and an individual. Now I'd like to appeal to everyone. I'm reliable and predictable, and now even more attainable.
  • Mitsubishi L200
    Always one of the popular kids. Has toned down and improved with age. Rugged and resilient. Particularly likes builders and other workmen.
  • Volkswagen Crafter
    I just keep getting better and better. You'll love my drive and I'll be your automatic choice.
  • Ford Transit Courier
    Petite, attractive and comes from a big family. Born again, and back better than before. Limited career options but full of great ideas.
  • Volkswagen Transporter T6
    A role model with international acclaim. You'll find me everywhere soon. Multi-talented, but likes to be subtle.
  • You'll forget my name but don't think of me as anonymous. Once you experience my talents you, and everyone else, won't be able to do without me.
  • Say what you like about me, I am unbreakable. Sticks and stones will break my bones but people all over the world still love me.
  • Everyone wants to be me, or be with me. I think I'm pretty perfect. I always finish first, because I start before everyone else does.
  • You know my name even if you don't recognise me any more. Looking to move abroad and make a success of myself.
  • You'll automatically love me. I want to go up the gears and turn on the speed. Looking a heavy relationship, with some serious weight.
  • For the right person I can be very uplifting, but beware because I reach tipping point quickly and then everything comes out.
  • Vertically challenged but designed for underground living. Relaxed and easygoing. My best bits are under the bonnet.
  • Recently retired, high flyer. Always in good trim and eager to impress. Strong, hardworking. Ideal for those with expensive taste.
  • I'm a dreamer. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve and I'll make you change your ways with my heart.
  • I'm the breath of fresh air you were waiting for. An original thinker, but you can hardly consider me original anymore.
  • Hyundai iLoad
    Rare with surprising qualities. Ambitious expectations for multiple partners. Looking for a minimum five-year commitment. Currently unavailable.
  • Nissan Navara 2016
    Competitive and not short of a few tricks. Hoping to be a trend setter. Looking for a comfortable ride. Happy to get dirty or keep things clean.
  • VW Caddy TGI
    You won't find me in the UK, but learn a little more about me and you'll soon wish I was.
  • I'm a triplet, and definitely the odd one out. We're very competitive but I like to think I have the edge over them.
  • Renault Kangoo ZE
    I'm clean, green and better for the environment. I'll keep going long after you'd expect me to stop. Non-smoker.