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Even in standard guise the Fiesta is a head-turning vehicle, but the Sport van we tested is surely every telecoms engineer’s dream work vehicle.

When it comes to the new Fiesta, there are three engines to consider;  a 1.3 petrol and a 1.5 and 1.6 diesel. Choosing a body style is slightly easier as the choice is not complicated by long, medium or short wheelbases, or standard, medium and high roofs because all you get are two seats and 1m3 space behind them. Roof height is 1,495mm and wheelbase is 2,489mm. Simple. At least it should be.

With its roof spoiler and sporty looking front end, our test Fiesta stands out from other vans on the high street, yet the Fiesta Sport van is no more sporty than a standard model, or any of its rivals for that matter. It merely looks like it will go fast. 


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The Fiesta excels in its handling, but is a comfortable, well-constructed and pleasant vehicle to work in. The sporty styling might not be to everyone’s taste, but the cabin shows real thought and although hatchback vans such as the Fiesta are no different to their passenger car equivalents, the Fiesta offers the greater usability in a commercial environment. 

Superb dynamic performance and good all-round functionality make the Fiesta van suitable for a range of business applications, and in Sport trim, no one is going to mind sitting behind the wheel.

Home >> Road Tests >> Keeping it simple