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The Iveco Daily has undergone quite a transformation to meet Euro-5 emission standards. There is a new range of engines supplied by Fiat Powertrain, new gearboxes now with six ratios, and several notable tweaks to the van’s interior.  Iveco has also had to make wholesale changes to the Daily’s cooling system to allow better respiration for the cleaner engines.

Changes to the Daily powertrain has meant new turbo technology, with variable geometry and twin turbochargers appearing throughout the range. Multijet II fuel injection, a staple of the Fiat range, now makes its way into the 2.3-litre models, with 106hp, 126hp and 146hp outputs all meeting Euro-5 requirements thanks to the technology’s more measured approach to fuel delivery.

A new 3-litre common rail diesel engine provides even higher power outputs as well as an additional 146hp engine which lines up alongside a 170hp model and the panel van sector’s highest powered engine, a 205hp option. Both the 146hp and 170hp 3-litre units are also available as more environmentally friendly EEV engines, and the Daily range features a methane- fuelled 3-litre Natural Power engine developing 136hp.

The Daily still adopts a rear-wheel-drive layout and uses a truck derived chassis, ensuring that it remains the only vehicle in its class to accommodate GVWs of up to 7-tonnes when combined with a twin rear-wheel axle. Panel van, crew cab, chassis cab and dropside bodies are all available, with Iveco claiming more than 7,000 possible Daily configurations thanks to three roof heights, three wheelbases, four body lengths and six GVWs. Daily also allows a choice of suspensions, with hydraulic shocks and transverse leaf springs, or torsion bars and an anti-roll bar, as two front axle options, and parabolic, semi-elliptical or air suspension configurations on the rear axle.

The Daily offers 17.2m3 loadspace and 1,145kg maximum payload, with a maximum load length in excess of 4.5m.

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Iveco continues to make advancements with the Daily, and this latest generation is a sizeable step forwards. The visual improvements give the Daily a more grown-up look that keep it looking fresh among the competition, while the ergonomic changes to the gear stick positioning and bulkhead make the interior a more usable and comfortable space. There’s plenty of enjoyment to be had by the driver, and although its not up to Mercedes-Benz Sprinter levels of dynamics and responsiveness, the Iveco performs admirably at such a size and weight. Economy was let down by the motorway and A-road fuel consumption figures, but when balanced off against the performance in an urban environment, fleets using a van of this scale would be accustomed to the financial pain they impart. There are certainly better 3.5-tonners, but if you operate larger GVW vans, you won’t be left short-changed by populating your fleet with a variety of Dailys for the sake of consistency and familiarity.

Iveco continues to make advancements with the Daily, and this latest generation is a sizeable step forwards
Home >> Road Tests >> Wholesale changes