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Iveco’s Daily has undergone many refreshes since it was first launched in 1978, but by Iveco’s count this new model is on its third generation. Whether you count the tweaks in between or not, whatever generation of Daily we are now on with, a total investment of €500m, including product development and industrial expenditure, the new Daily is a significant reboot of the model.

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The Daily has become a lot more competitive, and the competition should take note

There’s no doubting that by splitting the range in two, separating the lighter end of its range from the heavier side, the Daily is now able to better compete with its rivals. While the ladder frame chassis used to be a disadvantage of the Daily at lower weights, making it a rougher more utilitarian vehicle, the new setup goes some way to balance that former weakness, whilst maintaining its all important payload advantage. The new 19.6m3 body will continue to present a convincing argument for 7.5-tonne truck operators to consider panel vans as a more economical option, and the extensive range of engine powers (as well as CNG and a forthcoming electric option) throws open the doors to markets other manufacturers aren’t able to compete in.

The aims of the new Daily are clear, and summed up by Lorenzo Sistino when he said, “we would never make the European Daily longer, less load efficient and less manoeuvrable only to standardise production across the world and make manufacturing easier”. Whatever generation you regard this new Daily as, it has built upon a core principle that has defined its role in the European light commercial vehicle market since its introduction. By separating light vans from heavy vans, the Daily has just become a lot more competitive, and the competition should take note.


Iveco Daily 35S15 panel van
Power: 146hp @ 3,600rpm
Torque: 350Nm @ 1,500 – 2,750rpmEngine: 2.3-litre, four-cylinder
Transmission: ZF six-speed, manual
Wheelbase: 3,520mm
Height: 2,620mm
Width: 2,030mm
Length: 5,650mm
GVW: 3500kg

Home >> Road Tests >> Two vans in one