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The Vito sits neatly in middle of the Mercedes-Benz van range, in between the larger Sprinter and the urban Citan. It employs the same 2.1 and 3.0-litre units as its big brother, which supply power ratings of between 95hp and 224hp.

The three load lengths and two roof heights correspond to load volumes of between 5.2m³ and 7.4m³. There are three nominal gross weights (2.8t, 3.05t and 3.2t) and maximum payloads vary from 930kg to 1305kg.

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While the Transporter might have had the edge over the Vito in our books, the emphasis placed on fuel consumption and its consistent performance in every category is enough to see the Vito edge out the VW. It’s not surprising then that when pressed to pick their overall best mid-sized van and put their own money into one of our group, three out of our four testers said the Mercedes-Benz would be their van of choice.

Home >> Road Tests >> Model in the middle