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There are four trim levels on the Nissan Navara; the high-spec Outlaw, the Tekna, the Acenta and the new, entry-level Visia. Interestingly, there is no choice of a single cab Navara, although a king cab is available with the Acenta trim.

Weighing in at between 1,990kg and 2,150kg, the Navara is one of the heavier pickups on the market although a high gross weight of 3.2 tonnes means it’s still capable of carrying between 1,130kg and 1215kg.

A loading length of 1,511mm and width of 1,560mm means the Navara boasts one of the most generous load areas of all the double cabs.

The Visia engine is a 144hp variant of the veteran 2.5dCi.

Accompanying the engine is a six-speed manual gearbox, although a five-speed automatic can be selected with the Tekna.

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There’s new competition from Volkswagen, and the likes of Isuzu and Ford have really upped their game. With tougher competition at the top, Nissan have had to broaden its appeal and offer a more affordable version of its pickup.

The Visia represents good value for money. It’s a very capable and functional truck, with similar levels of spec to the top competitors; just without the price tag.

Home >> Road Tests >> Loads of room