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Feeling of fighting against electronics

Automotive manufacturers are increasingly become experts at finding new niches to align their products to, and Renault is no exception with its new range of off-road vans.

Three new enhanced grip models have been introduced to their LCV range, each offering a different level of traction for increasingly challenging conditions. Beginning the range is the Grip Xtend system, an advanced traction control system for slightly tricky surfaces. Next comes X-Track that allows vehicles to venture even further through the addition of a limited slip differential.

Completing the range of off-roading Renaults is a new 4x4 version of the Renault Master.

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For the UK, enhanced traction vans are usually the preserve of local councils and telecoms engineers. That will probably remain the case, but with the basic Grip Xtend functions becoming standard features Renault has rolled out a useful feature that regular buyers will benefit from.

Whether or not the impressive X-Track and more specialist 4x4 Master will gain traction [excuse the pun] in the UK remain to be seen, but the option is now there. Having culled its range four years ago, the Renault van portfolio is now growing in a new an exciting direction. Instead of sales volumes being the target, customer satisfaction and demand are now a key priority.

With so many joint-engineered products in its range, we’re hoping off-roaders are just the beginning of Renault carving out its own little niche.

Home >> Road Tests >> Get a grip