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“Cumbersome” and “behemoth” are just two of the words that have been used to describe the long-wheelbase Renault Master in a recent road test, and as a sibling of the French giant – and at nearly 7m in length – this L4H2 Movano is no different. However, the Movano’s vast size brings enormous benefits for those who bulk-out rather than weigh-out.

This is the extra long-wheelbase or L4 model, with a standard (H2) roof; but customers can also choose between short, medium and long wheelbases with low or high roofs. L3/L4 and H2/H3 versions can also be specified for the first time with rear-wheel-drive (tested here), while smaller models get front-wheel-drive only.

Like the FWD model we tested in August, the Movano comes with a 2.3-litre CDTi engine, replacing the old 2.5-litre unit used in the previous generation. Whereas the FWD model we tested was equipped with the base 99hp unit, this particular vehicle gets the most powerful engine available, producing 144hp and 350Nm of torque, while a third variant bridges the gap in the range by delivering 124hp.

At 3.5 tonnes the Movano is also available with a twin RWD axle that on vehicles plated to 4.5-tonnes GVW increases towing capacity to 3 tonnes.

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The Movano offers a great choice of bodyweights and volumes for the discerning van user, although the same can’t be said for the driveline. The three power and one engine option fall short of many of the competitors, especially for the heavier variants that might require more than 144hp to get off the mark with a full load.

Home >> Road Tests >> Powerful partners