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Ford Ranger: First impressions are what count

In this job, first impressions are everything and it’s those first few interactions with a new vehicle that sow the seeds for the future relationship between man and machine.

Put the aggressive looks to one side – though my 10 year old son thinks it looks great – and in nearly every other respect the Ranger sets out its stall as a thoroughly impressive machine: Seating is firm, yet comfortable; the soft grip steering wheel gives a quality impression and the interior layout builds a picture of a vehicle we can business with.

As you’d expect the size of the vehicle doesn’t particularly lend itself to nipping around country lanes, but the commanding view from the driving seat ensures the vehicle is easy to place on the road and the engine performance is good.

We found power delivery through the transmission, particularly when reversing up a sharp ramp at the tip, was a bit jerky, perhaps an engine management tweak might be in order for low-speed manoeuvres? At speed we found the Ranger to be quiet in cab and although it sucked up the diesel at motorway speeds (27mpg average according to the on board computer) it was performing well within itself and there was acceleration under the right foot if the situation required.

The touch screen central information panel was the only thing we struggled to get on with, the navigation system wasn’t particularly intuitive and tuning the DAB radio (do people really listen to TalkSport?) required recourse to the instruction book…

Now we’re acquainted with the new Ranger, we’re keen to get back behind the wheel and see how the pick-up performs over the next 12 months while it’s with us.” 

Home » Blogs » Ford Ranger: First impressions are what count