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Ford Ranger: Who would drive a pick-up?

An admission: It's rather large for someone more used to compact vans (and a hatchback, day-to-day).

It's different too to a full-size Transit, which in an odd way my brain accepts more readily is a large vehicle. That may be due to how car-like the Ranger is to drive once you take in its ample proportions.

With an auto `box it really is an easy vehicle to motor around in. This is aided by excellent side mirrors, a rear view mirror unlike in a van. There's parking sensors front and rear and an excellent, and thank god it's there, reversing camera. All of which helped get the Ranger back into its parking space under our building - which by the way was clearly not designed with a Ranger in mind.

The two-tone seats on the Wildtrak are the right side of boy racer for my taste, as is the exposed stitch leather trim - it's all very swish and puts many range topping cars to shame. The seats, which I didn't even need to adjust, are extremely comfortable (heated too!) and supportive.

While the cliche is to think Mid-West cowboy with a pick-up, this is more something Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would drive. It's most certainly not a throw back to the Wild West.

However, while the 3.2-litre engine is immense you'll quickly become familiar with the diesel fuel pump. We passed a Tesla on our trip and this pick-up is a true throwback. A 350-mile round trip of mostly free flowing motorway and A-roads saw the Ranger average a measly 0.1 mpg shy of 26 to the gallon.

Built in sat-nav was better than previous versions offered on board by Ford. It filters results by address as you go with a decent touchscreen that still won't worry your smartphone. Directions were confusing on occasion despite a good size screen and an option to display them in the driver's instrument binnacle. I find with sat navs there's always a period where you 'learn' their specific logic and then you both get along much better. I also had voice directions turned down.

The stereo, used as basically as you can with a smartphone plugged in, sounded great.

While initially intimidated by the Ranger, I came to really like it's road presence and high seating position. Visibility's good too but it's dimensions mean it won't ever be the ideal choice in busy, congested areas.

It certainly delivers a bit of stardust to your journey though, drives really well least we forget it's a pick-up (high winds in the midlands didn't ruffle it at all on the way back, even unladen as it was).

It might be worth looking into your own fuel bunker though, if you purchase the Ranger.

Home » Blogs » Ford Ranger: Who would drive a pick-up?