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Ford Transit Custom Sport: Comfort and economy are king in our Transit test van

Has the Sport van turned a corner on its consumption?

A few eyebrows have been raised at the Sport van’s initial average fuel consumption. Although crossing 30mpg seemed like a milestone for its weeks of city driving it was still a terrifying prospect taking it to the pumps.

The 80-litre fuel tank capacity means a full fill-up is well over the £100 mark, and given the mileage it is doing that has been meaning a weekly trip to the pumps. Now, with more than 2,000 miles on the clock, though, the Sport van has really loosened up and a trip down to the south west seemed to be enough to blow out the London cobwebs and bring the powerful 2.2-litre engine to life.

With 152hp and 385 Nm of torque the Sport is a formidable van to race at the traffic lights, but economy has been the name of the game recently, and I’m pleased, no ecstatic, to say that the average fuel consumption for more than 400 miles of driving down to North Devon was 38.4mpg. That’s nearly 10mpg more than its average from three months ago, and that is despite battling several extreme 1 in 4 gradients during the trip.

Better still, upon returning to London, the Transit Custom Sport is now steadfastly averaging 34mpg on the very same London journeys that just a month ago saw it barely recording 30mpg.

We’re making real progress in the Sport with its fuel economy and the experience of driving it on such a long journey only makes me like it even more.

Several mid-sized vans struggle in the comfort department, particularly in the leg room department, but I’m pleased to say the Transit Sport is amongst the best out there. I usually like to set the seat pretty high when I drive, giving my legs enough room to not be cramped up under the wheel. The Sport not only allows me to do this, but also recline the back rest to a decent angle because the seat doesn’t have to be as far back as possible.

Ford Transit Custom Sport
The Sport van easily eats up the miles

Once settled in to the seat, the wheel adjusts easily and the arm rest can be deployed to make for an extremely comfortable position. Combined with the cruise control, that is operated by a rocker-switch at the bottom left side of the steering wheel, the Sport easily eats up the miles.

One thing the journey did reveal is a gripe we have about the Transit Custom suspension, but we’ll save that for another day. For now, the Sport is not only winning at comfort, but winning at the pumps too.

Home » Blogs » Ford Transit Custom Sport: Comfort and economy are king in our Transit test van