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Ford Transit Custom Sport: Sportvan gets sad styling alterations

A little alert has just popped up on my calendar to tell me that the Ford Transit Custom Sportvan that we’ve been running has just done one year with us.

Twelve months in, the Sportvan is now better than ever in the engine department, still ticking all the boxes in the looks and style awards, and holding up brilliantly to the various jobs and drivers that are thrown at it.

Almost at the same time that the one year anniversary passed, the van’s mileage passed the 11,111 mark. While this is a moderately low mileage for a commercial vehicle, the way in which the van has been notching up these miles – partly laden, in a largely urban setting with the occasional lengthy motorway jaunt –  has allowed us to prove that the Custom is a reliable and capable van.

It’s impressed everyone who has driven it, and still gets its fair share of admiring looks from all manner of people. While the prevalence of Transit Custom vans has now increased to such a level where I no longer have to explain to people what it is, the bonnet stripes need constant clarification – “did you put them on yourself?” being the most regular question.

It would seem the majority of van drivers, and Transit Custom owners, really like our Sportvan’s bold look and many would like the same, but too often wince when they hear it is standard as part of the £26,245 (ex VAT)  Transit Custom Sport cost.

What isn’t standard, and has become a sad new addition to the Sport’s looks, is the deep dent in the driver’s side door. This non-standard styling cue appeared a few weeks ago overnight, while the van was parked on a nearby street.

As far as bodywork damage goes, it’s an interesting one, and given its height and shape, a bit of a head scratcher.

The answer, or probable cause, was more than likely revealed a few days later, when I happened to park on the same street and was able to take the picture below…


With London once again becoming a hotbed for construction work, streets are fast filling up with building sites and the associated vehicles of the trade. That morning no less than three scaffolding trucks were parked on that very street, and I believe they may hold the key to the damage. While none of the vehicles pictured was likely the culprit, the height, shape and size of the damage may suggest a stray scaffolding pole caused the rather gory dent. Not all of the scaffolding trucks I have since seen on the street have neatly boarded in compartments for their poles, and some even allow poles to jut out beyond the confines of their trucks, leading me to jump to the conclusion that this almost round-like wound could only have been caused by such a vehicle.

Sadly the culprit has not come forward and there can be no proof as to the validity of my theory, but the battle scar remains the only blemish on a faultless 12 months with the sporty Ford van.

Home » Blogs » Ford Transit Custom Sport: Sportvan gets sad styling alterations