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Ford Transit Custom Sport: Surging into our hearts

Motor Transport editor, Steve Hobson, takes a spin in Van Advisor's not so subtle Ford Transit Custom Sport.

Love it or hate it no one can miss our tomato red Transit with its striking black go-faster stripe plastered all over its bulbous nose.

Most people loved it - and for this driver it goes as good as it looks.

This is a lovely torquey motor coupled to a slick manual gearbox with a smooth progressive clutch. I am not sure an engine with this much torque actually needs six speeds but it is the fashion these days to provide at least a six-speed 'box, but provided the revs are kept above 1,500rpm - below which there is some noticeable and occasionally alarming turbo lag - progress is brisk and unflustered. Except on one occasion, two hours into a motorway trip, when the normally smooth tickover - usually interrupted only by the fuel saving stop start system - was replaced by an odd surging in the revs.

Was the van automatically regenerating its exhaust cleaning gubbins? It only lasted a few minutes before normal service was resumed, and as the van is usually only used in first and second gear in London, we can assume it may have been.

Another slight oddity is that when using the cruise control speed is increased and decreased in increments of 1mph but when using the speed limiter the speed goes up and down 5mph for each press of the button.

The very comfy and stylish cabin is a great place to work or play - the trim quality in this Custom is exceptional in a vehicle normally regarded as a workhorse. The park pilot reversing camera and sensors were a godsend in a van with a full bulkhead blocking the rear view, though the huge two piece door mirrors would do a good job if you were without the camera.

Finally to the business end where the load space benefited from a sturdy and easier to clean plastic floor, plenty of lashing points and excellent interior lights.

Would I have one? Like a shot!


Would I have one? Like a shot!
Home » Blogs » Ford Transit Custom Sport: Surging into our hearts