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Time to talk about vans

Vans, not trucks, are the focus of this year’s show, with a strong turnout from manufacturers keen to show their products in the absence of most truck makers.

Three vehicles from Citroën, Peugeot and Iveco stand out as they are making their debuts, with the joint-venture Dispatch and Expert vans and new versions of the Iveco Daily with revamped engines to meet Euro-6 emissions.

Indeed Euro-6 can be blamed and celebrated for making this a van-heavy show, with truck manufacturers having already launched and exhibited their Euro-6 trucks, there is little for them to promote at the show in 2016, while van manufacturers are refreshing model lineups at a blistering pace ahead of the September 2016 deadline.

This year’s show is all about new engine technology and cleaner more efficient vans, particularly from the likes of Ford and Volkswagen (making a return to the show for the first time since 2011), who have made significant gains in fuel economy and emissions with their latest engines.

Pick-up trucks should not be forgotten, with the first sighting of a major player in the market, the Toyota Hilux. Not to be outdone, there are also off-roaders from Mitsubishi, Ford and Volkswagen on display, but the real head turner is the Mitsubishi L200-based Fiat Fullback (pictured).

Will the Italian’s bring some style and flair to the crowded market? Visitors and journalists alike will be keen to see the outcome.

Home » Blogs » Time to talk about vans