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Electric Kangoo now available to buy outright

After a long wait, Renault has finally introduced the option to buy its electric vehicles outright, removing the need for a monthly leasing fee for the battery. Customers will now be able to order the Kangoo ZE as ‘Full Purchase’, meaning that they can now own the battery as well as the vehicle itself.

Customers will still be able to buy the electric Kangoo and lease the batteries, but in order to create clarity in the used vehicle market an ‘i’ badge will be added to the tailgate for full purchase vehicles to ensure easy identification.

The Kangoo Van i range starts at £16,161 (+VAT) after the Government grant, compared to £12,995 (+VAT) if the battery is leased. Full purchase models are protected by a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty on the batteries in addition to the standard Renault vehicle protection of four years or 100,000 miles. The battery warranty covers possible decreases in battery performance over time, guaranteeing a minimum of 66% of the original capacity for the Kangoo ZE.

Ken Ramirez, Renault UK MD, said: “Renault was a pioneer in the EV market and has remained a leader by offering the best technology, across a wide ZE line-up and at affordable prices.  The battery leasing scheme has proved popular with customers for the flexibility and lower purchase prices it offers.  The addition of full purchase versions on our core EV models will offer private and business customers a greater choice and further strengthen our position in the UK EV market.”

The cost of battery hire has also been reduced, with the electric Kangoo now available from £33+VAT per month – down from £61+VAT – a saving over a 36-month period of £1,008+VAT.

Home » News » Electric Kangoo now available to buy outright