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Renault explores two-stroke and diesel hybrid engines

Renault has given a hint at what might be on the horizon for its future LCVs with the announcement of a host of new technologies currently undergoing research by the company.

A mild-hybrid project called ‘HYDIVU’ (Hybrid Diesel for LCVs) aims to reduce fuel consumption for high-mileage business users and is based on the technology currently in the Renault Master van. Powered by a dCi 165 Twin Turbo diesel, it has been engineered in conjunction with a number of European partners and integrates a 48-volt (10-12 kW) starter motor and alternator-type electric motor mounted on the gearbox to deliver additional torque and reduce the load on the combustion engine.

The unit is also positioned, as close as possible to the wheel, which maxims energy recovery during deceleration and braking, and is stored for later use in the 48-volt battery. The power unit also features what Renault calls ‘Downspeeding’ which allows longer gear ratios to reduce engine revolutions when cruising, lowering fuel consumption.

Renault says the design also reduces internal friction thanks to steel pistons, and by raising the fuel injection pressure by 25 per cent to 2,500 bar it also reduce emissions. Combined, the new developments are said to result in a fuel consumption reduction of up to 10 percent over long distances.

Also revealed by the company was a new two-stroke diesel engine study with an engine half the size of the 1.5-litre dCi diesel. It weighs 40kg less and is said to be ideally suited for small vehicle platforms. The 730cc unit is both super-charged and turbo-charged and produces between 48hp and 68hp with 112Nm and 145Nm of torque from 1,500rpm and is called the POWERFUL (POWERtrain for Future Light-duty vehicles) project.

Finally, Renault has produced a new electric vehicle for urban logistics. Called the VELUD project, it is intended as a ‘final miles’ solution for small deliveries and is based around the Renault Twizy electric vehicle with a platform trailer.

Home » News » Renault explores two-stroke and diesel hybrid engines