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Volkswagen adds petrol engines to Transporter range

Volkswagen is adding new petrol engines to its Transporter van range as well as Transporter-based models including the Caravelle people mover and California motor home.

Petrol engines were introduced on the small Volkswagen Caddy van shortly after launch in 2015, but now Volkswagen has put a 2-litre TSI unit in its mid-sized van. Transporter vans will be available with with either 148hp or 201hp power outputs, the latter of which is equipped with a seven-speed DSG gearbox rather than the standard six-speed manual transmission.

The new engines are available to order now, and represent a significant up-front saving over the diesel equivalents. A Transporter Highline T28 150 TSI is £1,000 cheaper than a comparable diesel model, and according to some clever maths, that amounts to over 18,000 miles given the current price difference between petrol and diesel.


Volkswagen TSI badge
Volkswagen Transporter T6

A new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London may spark an increased interest in petrol powered vans. From 8 April 2019 diesel vehicles that do not meet the Euro-6 emissions standards will have to pay a premium to enter the central part of the city. Petrol models, however, will only have to be Euro-4 which may lead fleet buyers and other van operators to try to future proof their buying decisions with newer Euro-6 petrol engined models.

Volkswagen Transporter vans with petrol engines will start from £22,625 for a T28 Trendline 150ps, while entry-level diesel vans start at £19,290 for a Transporter T26 Startline 84ps.

Home >> News >> Volkswagen adds petrol engines to Transporter range